We were super excited when we received an email from Minttu Raikkonen.

Minttu contacted as with the wish to order custom made coat from us. She explained that she always wanted to have a fur coats, since she likes the softness and the warmth of the natural material. However, she also felt sorry for the animals that we farmed for fur. That is why she did not wear fur before. Then she came across our wild fur concept and felt that this could be the solution for her wear a fur coat without a guilty conscience.

Minttu has visited our showroom and together we have discussed her ideas about what the coat should be like. She wanted a short jacket with a hood made of mink in black color. The minks we selected for her coat we obviously hunted in Finland. One should know that Minks are not originally from the Finnish wildlife and that they have decimated the local bird species, so that is why the government is highly encouraging hunting minks in order to maintain a balanced ecosystem. The jacket pattern was made in Helsinki, and the minks were treated and color in Kokkola. The actual jacket was sown then in Lithuania at our partner factory with whom we have worked for years.